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New Management!

Hi, everyone! My name's Jennifer (or Jenn), and I'm your new moderator here. lelymarques over at watson_icontest has asked me to mod this community, and I have accepted. :D I'll be honest, this is the first time I've modded a community before, but I'm really looking forward to it. I imagine it will take at least a week or so to get everything underway and get this up and running again.

First, is there anyone who would like to help me co-mod?

Also, I'm looking for banner makers, so would anyone like to be a banner maker? Please comment here if you are willing to help. Any would be greatly appreciated.

I suppose that's it for my introduction, and be on the lookout for our new challenges coming up! :)
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Challenge 12 Voting

Endless apologies for being so bad with this community. After this contest, our new mod will take over and this place will shape up, I can promise you that.

Here is the small voting for Challenge 12.

¤ Do not vote for yourself
¤ Do not tell others to vote for you
¤ Vote for three icons. Votes of more or less will be discounted.

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Thanks, and good luck.
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All right, well Challenge 12 has zero entries and it's been up, what, a few weeks? I'd really like it if this community could not die, so..... if you guys are out there and have a second, could you maybe make an entry? Thanks.
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Challenge 12

I apologize again for the lack of activity here. I believe we've lost __captivate as our odd-numbered challenges banner maker, so would someone like to take that position? We still have allforyou_x3 for even-numbered challenges, I believe.

Also, lelymarques has offered to take over this community. The mod change will take place at the end of this challenge.

Here's Challenge 12! This will be Tell Me by The Uggos.

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¤ Challenge ends Friday, June 15
¤ A maximum of THREE entries per user
¤ Please post the icon and the URL
¤ Use at least three consecutive words from the song

If you want to give the song a listen for inspiration (and I strongly reccommend it), you can download it here! And because I'm shameless, if you really like the song, you can buy the album pretty darn cheap here. Good luck! If you've got any questions, ask them here!

Current Entries: Zero
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There haven't been enough votes in Challenge 10, which is why I have delayed posting winners. Please get your votes in there -- and here! I'll post winners for Challenge 10 & 11 together.

Here is the voting for Challenge 11!

¤ Do not vote for yourself
¤ Do not tell others to vote for you
¤ Vote for three icons. Votes of more or less will be discounted

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Good luck!